Lisbon 09


Lisbon, what a beautiful pearl at the Atlantic coast of Portugal …

We made our decision last year, around October, when we decided with our German friends from Rome, to give this place a visit. In total we spend 4 days in da city and had the most amazing weather. For British people summer, for Portuguese people the end of the winter season 🙂

Because we took the kids with us, Lola from our side and Marlene the daughter of Ilja and Isabelle, we looked for nice but still affordable place to stay. We found the perfect place in the area of Bairro Alto, which was also recommended from some of my Portuguese friends, as the best place to stay. Lots of nightlife and close to the center. If somebody is interested in the apartment we booked, here is the link WAY TO STAY . I can only recommend this place!!!

Over day we’ve been busy looking at all the nice sights of the town, and the nearby area around the center, like Belem.  Belem is called the historical heart and soul of Portugal, his natural harbor made it the starting point for many voyages of exploration.

Enjoy looking at the pictures …


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