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My Academy Award Television Commercial

Here is a fun little behind the scenes documentation from Casey Neistat and the Samsung Oscar commercial. The idea behind the commercial is as simple as nice. Casey Neistat introduces the YouTubers, the community, the creators of YouTube filmmakers to the Oscar audience. To give recognition to the community of individual filmmaker. People with great ideas but shot on no or small budget. People who use most often the camera on their cellphone to create their idea. In this case, a Samsung phone 🙂

Here is the final 60sec. commercial, which was shown during the Oscar event.

A Himalayan Roadtrip

What a great thing to do!

Two friends going on a bike trip from Manali and drove the Trans Himalayan Highway to Leh, then summited Khardung La (The world’s highest motorable road) and headed east to Srinagar near the Pakistan border before returning to Manali. That is for sure one of the great stories you write when you are young and keep telling throughout your life. A very intense adventure with so many spectacular experiences which will last for a lifetime. India and the Himalayan mountains are already adventurous enough by itself but exploring it on a Royal Enfield suddenly becomes a unique and very personal story. I’ve traveled the Himalayan Mountains from India to Nepal from Gorakhpur to Kathmandu by local transport after taking busses from Varanasi to Gorakhpur. But that feels almost a boring and usual way.

The video itself is well done and feels so authentic and real that it’s great fun to watch. The fun, the pain, the disappointments but also the reading feelings come across so real.


Victim or victim

Parents are often concerned about their babysitters. Some are unhappy as they think their babysitter is too strict. This little baby in India has 4 of the most strict babysitters in the world – cobras. Keeping in mind that those cobras belong to the species of the most deadly animals on the planet, but still, why can they not be protective reptiles to a small baby. 

As dangerous this looks, it’s most probably not dangerous at all. At least not for the baby, as the cobras has most probably their mouth sewn shut and fangs ripped out.

So what comes around as an unbelievable and beautiful story of the relation between animal and human is much more a terrible example of what people are willing to do to raise clicks on youtube.

In this case we should really ask ourself who are the victims of the story.

Thumbs down!



BlackEye Shooting

  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting

Here are some impressions of our latest video shooting for RTT Steinert at Zittau. RTT Steinert is one of the leading companies for optical sorting machines such as their newest invention, the UniSort BlackEye. The BlackEye is a worlds first in the recognition and sorting of black plastics.

Powered By PASSION developed a distinctive and unique look for the launch video of the UniSort BlackEye. The entire video was shot on Red Epic 4K footage with different light systems. Over a two day – day & night – shooting at two different sets we worked our way through the shooting booklet and captured the most powerful perspectives and angles of the machine with a strong focus on the technical sorting part.

The intense pictures been shot by Fritz Butze from Hamburg and later edited by myself. The modern electro beat was composed on the edit by Andy Tex Jones, experienced and most talented Music Composer and DJ.

Treatment/Idea: Christopher Schmidt // Powered by PASSION
Camera/Light: Fritz Butze

Equipment: Red Epic Dragon

Edit: Christopher Schmidt // Powered by PASSION
Post: Christopher Schmidt // Powered by PASSION
Animation: Christopher Schmidt // Powered by PASSION

Music: Andy Tex Jones

Lean back and enjoy the video!

Edelkrone PocketRig

The Edelkrone PocketRig is the World’s lightest most portable DSLR rig that addresses all the needs of a professional videographer. With the minimal effort you will shot stable material from all perspectives. With the price of 249 Euro it is still affordable and for the CNC machined highest grade materials a fair deal.


Looks like there is a new tool to get soon. Image stabilization for After Effects by ReelSteady. Image stabilization become much better since After Effects CC 2015 but still, if you have real shaky footage, it’s still not perfect. Reel steady software for After Effects seems to be a great solution for this. The promo video showcases the results of the software and it looks quite promising.

If you don’t use image stabilization very often it’s maybe fine to stay with the After Effects solution before investing the 399$ for the software. But if you often shoot with GoPros, other handheld cameras or even areal footage, it’s maybe worth looking into and get your Free Trial.



Here is another before and after example by Robert Macintosh.

Stabilized with ReelSteady:

Unstabilized “before” footage:

Nature is speaking

Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, PenĂ©lope Cruz, and Robert Redford all join forces to give nature a voice. “Nature is speaking“ is a series of spots promoted by celebrities to build awareness on our nature. Watch the Harrison Ford spot above and take action at <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Nature is speaking</a>

Cans Festival London

Bansky is the artist who just keeps on giving. You’ve got to love this guy.

The Cans Festival was set up to be, essentially, an anti-Cannes, stencil-only, street art festival that is collaborative, free, and open to anyone to participate. The festival took place in London on the weekend from May 3-5, 2008. The graffiti impresario Banksy and a host of airbrush-wielding guerrilla artists blanketed the walls of a disused south London tunnel with offbeat murals as part of a three-day stencil-art street party.

Here is a video about some of the shown works.