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A Himalayan Roadtrip

What a great thing to do!

Two friends going on a bike trip from Manali and drove the Trans Himalayan Highway to Leh, then summited Khardung La (The world’s highest motorable road) and headed east to Srinagar near the Pakistan border before returning to Manali. That is for sure one of the great stories you write when you are young and keep telling throughout your life. A very intense adventure with so many spectacular experiences which will last for a lifetime. India and the Himalayan mountains are already adventurous enough by itself but exploring it on a Royal Enfield suddenly becomes a unique and very personal story. I’ve traveled the Himalayan Mountains from India to Nepal from Gorakhpur to Kathmandu by local transport after taking busses from Varanasi to Gorakhpur. But that feels almost a boring and usual way.

The video itself is well done and feels so authentic and real that it’s great fun to watch. The fun, the pain, the disappointments but also the reading feelings come across so real.


Sherpa Teaser Trailer

Right in time to the launch of “Everest” the movie,  Director Jennifer Peedom set out to uncover tension in the 2014 Everest climbing season when an avalanche struck down, killing 16 Sherpas. Seeing the teaser of “Everest“ is enough to tell what that movie is all about. Sherpa tells the story of how the Sherpas united after the tragedy in the face of fierce opposition, to reclaim the mountain they call Chomolungma.

There are no dates set when this movie will come to Europe. So far only dates for the States, Australia and New Zealand. Hopefully it will make it to Vimeo on Demand, like other similar productions.

Winter Wonderland

Sunny shot of my most favourite mountain in 2014 – “The Alpspitze“. Took this one at the first of January 2015. What a great day to start the new year!

The Controller

Interesting documentary about Kevin Fogolin, an avalanche controller who works and ski in some of the most spectacular mountains on earth. He brings down some of the most impressive avalanches and caught it on film. The full documentary is defiantly a recommendation.