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1969 Ford GT40 :: Manufactured by Lola and Mr. Shelby

Lola Cars International Ltd. was one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of racing cars in the world. The company was one of the top chassis suppliers in sports car racing in the 1960s. Through different race car series with various single-seaters including Formula Junior, Formula 3 and Formula 2 cars, Lola was giving rise to the Ford GT40 (see above) in collaboration with Ford. The GT40 became a very successful race car which won between 1966 and 1969 the Le Mans an impressive four times in a row, entrenching it in racing history and propelling Carroll Shelby even further into legendary status. Why Carroll Shelby? In the early-1960s, Ford had gained an interest in long-distance road racing and decided it was time to invest in a car that could compete in the likes of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. In 1963, Ford and Ferrari struck a deal for production, but Ferrari cut the project off after they couldn’t come to an agreement as to whether Ford could participate in the Indy 500 or not. Ford then decided if Ferrari wasn’t going to work with them, they were going to beat them. Ford negotiated with both Lotus and Lola before deciding to go with Lola, but the car was a complete mess and retired much more than it finished. After the 1964 Nassau race, Carroll Shelby stepped in to right the ship. The Ford GT40 1969 is still one of the most classic racing icons of all times in my opinion. The 1969 model year, the GT project was shut down and the GT40 production stopped at just 107 cars, ending its impressive run. If I will win the lottery one day, I will do my best to get one. For Lola and myself!

Custom made bicycle

Lola’s 2. birthday is coming up next month and I want to give her a custom made bicycle. Last year I found this old model of a kids bicycle which I will pimp for her birthday. Above you can see the final design of the bike. Over the next weekends I will deconstruct it and give it a new look. Let’s see in a few weeks how the final product will look. I’m sure she will love it!

Hagenbecks Tierpark (Zoo)

All the best for 2009!
After a great night with friends in Hamburg we started the new year with a visit at the zoo in Hamburg. Soon I will upload more pictures.


Lola had her first birthday on the 30.11.08. We had a lot of friends coming for visit to give her hugs, love and amazing presents. Thanks to everybody for this great day.


Pantelleria ’08

Last week we followed the invitation of Simon, a friend of ours, and went for a one-week holiday to Pantelleria, an island in the Strait of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea 100 km (62 mi) southwest of Sicily and just 70 km (43 mi) east of the African coast. The island is entirely of volcanic origin, and 117 km/2 (45 mi/2) in area. Hot mineral springs and fumaroles still testify a quiescent volcanic activity. The island is fertile, but lacks fresh water.

Simon’s family owns a beautiful country house nearby the sea where we stayed with some more friends. Throughout the week we had a great mix of relaxation, fun, good food, a lot of sun, diving, sulphur bath with fango treatment and motorboat action. I think everybody enjoyed it a lot and defiantly Lola had great fun with everybody and everything.


Summer in Rome


Here are some images from one of our latest weekend in Rome. To get prepared for the summer we cleaned up our terrace and put Lola in her new swing and in the hammock, which she really enjoyed.

Enjoy looking at the pictures …