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Custom made bicycle

Lola’s 2. birthday is coming up next month and I want to give her a custom made bicycle. Last year I found this old model of a kids bicycle which I will pimp for her birthday. Above you can see the final design of the bike. Over the next weekends I will deconstruct it and give it a new look. Let’s see in a few weeks how the final product will look. I’m sure she will love it!

Hagenbecks Tierpark (Zoo)

All the best for 2009!
After a great night with friends in Hamburg we started the new year with a visit at the zoo in Hamburg. Soon I will upload more pictures.

“Zurueck nach Frankfurt”



Frankfurt is not to be fucked with … Good timing from the Frankfurt Rapcrew “BINDING SQUAD”. They just brought out a new song “Zurueck nach Frankfurt” [Back to Frankfurt].

This is exactly what I will do with my family by the end of July. As I quit my job here in Italy we will relocate back to Frankfurt/Germany – where I will start a new job with in an interactive company. Caser Nova and Fuego Fatal [BINDING SQUAD] dedicate the new song to the city of Frankfurt. It’s all about their love, passion, good feelings and memories they have regarding the town. I still see it a bit different but I look forward to move back! Check out the video above!

Freedom to design

No rules, no borders. I played around with some photos of a weekend trip we did and they turned out as some nice freestyle artwork. I think is worth and good enough to share and at least something for the family album.

artwork 03

Italy’s “Little Tibet”


Here are some images to our trip to the “Gran Sasso d’Italia” which is a mountain located in the Abruzzo region of central Italy . The Gran Sasso is 132 km far awy from Rome. We went up to the plateau of Campo Imperatore (2000 m) and had lunch at a hotel midway on the top of Campo Imperatore. A hotel where the Italian fascist Benito Mussolini was imprisoned from August until September 1943 until he escaped in a Nazi commando operation.

Well, the food was good and the view even better. Later on we went next to L’Aquila the captial of the Abruzzo region.

Mama Weekend


Another nice weekend we had was with Lisa’s mum, who came to Rome to celebrate her birthday and spend some time with her grandchild and for sure to see us. To see something new around Rome we went by car up to Santa Severa, which is a beautiful place with a nice little castle on the seaside.

Poker above Trastevere


This is definitely the most unusual place to play Poker in Rome. Simon, a friend of us, who lives also in Trastevere, invited some friends to play poker by night. Not enough that he owns an amazing roof terrace, he managed to bring a real poker table up to play poker under the night sky of Rome and with view on St. Peter’s Basilica.



To escape from the bad weather we had last weekend, we went into the catacombs close to Rome.

Enjoy looking at the pictures …

Summer in Rome


Here are some images from one of our latest weekend in Rome. To get prepared for the summer we cleaned up our terrace and put Lola in her new swing and in the hammock, which she really enjoyed.

Enjoy looking at the pictures …