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Dear Swedish Artist


Dear Swedish artist who has made the collection of dead fly artworks you’ll see in this post right here. I would love to hear from you. I would like to give you credit for the greatest dead fly artworks that I have ever seen. I would like to compliment your use of bee and moth carcasses also. Let me know who you are! And let the internet have more of your utterly wondrous grotesque brilliance. Thank you!

These photos were found on several sites having just posted within the past month with no source or credit to the artist (so they ain’t gettin no link from me, either!) If you are, or if you know of, the artist, let use know!

This post is torn limb from limb from the dead body of the World Famous Design Junkies Grotesque category, screaming, and in utter agony. Without mercy.

What a nice and simple idea this is. And so funny. This images made my day yesterday. Thanks to the unknown swedish artist!

Enjoy looking at the pictures …

Another amazing artist

Alberto Seveso is an italian artist currently based in Rome. He is using a layering technique on photos of people and faces in a very recognizable and original artistic style. The photos are his medium and become an important part of the whole artwork. Swirly patterns are definitely his thing. They add an elegant and sometimes sexy flair to his subjects. He’s constantly playing with the idea of what to show and what to hide which adds some kind of mystery to each piece. I find his work definitely artistic and suitable for advertising and magazine covers.

To see more of his beautiful work go to

Bonneville – Ducati Desmodeci 3000

Jacob Charles Dietz is an internationally published artist and illustrator working in both traditional and digital mediums and usually both simultaneously. His work tends to center around technology, science fiction and that which just doesn’t exist, lending itself to a wide audience and extensive client base.

Here is a comment about his work on the Ducati Desmodeci 3000.

Ever since I saw Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder in Episode IV: A New Hope, I’ve always held a fondness for compact, antigravity/hover vehicles. In the case of the Ducati Desmodeci 3000, the idea of wrapping ones self around what basically equates to an engine with some light fairing material bolted around it is pretty enticing, especially when the pilot is hot young thing in a form fitting leather racing suit. Needless to say, it cant get pretty hot out on the salt flats.

He should send it to the engineer’s of Ducati for the next MotoGP season. At least they would get around the tire problems.

To see more of his work :: click here

Sawdust Design Studio

Sawdust is a passionate and friendly creative studio formed in 2006 in London. They are specialized in graphic design, illustration and art direction across traditional and digital media. Below are some great illustrations. To see more of their work ::click here


Underwater Photography


Zena Holloway is the UKs leading professional underwater photographer. Her images are striking, instinctive and driven by a deep understanding of her medium. She delivers the remarkable – combining the highly technical aspects of underwater photography with superb creative direction resulting in extraordinary magical imagery. To see more of her work ::click here

Enjoy looking at the pictures …