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DJI – Introducing Phantom 4 Pro

Hopefully I will own one in the near future. Bookings for both are open by the end of October. That gives me some more time to think about it 🙂

What can I say … Above it’s what I wrote in a comparison I did lately – Mavic vs. Karma. After thinking about it for some time I couldn’t figure out a good reason to not order a drone, or better, the DJI Mavic Pro. It all seemed to be the right choice until yesterday when DJI launched the new Phantom 4 Pro. I understand that the both drones compare in different leagues or fields of application. But now I’m back to my first question, where and how will I use the drone. What is my exact field of application? Personally I’m often on the run hiking or climbing in the mountains, kitesurfing (lately not very often) but being outside with the kids or on the motorbike. Sometimes I do commercial film projects where quality and technical advantage comes first. Something the new Phantom 4 Pro would absolutely deliver. From a DJI marketing perspective it shows us that the drone market is still so big and booming, that even those two quite similar drone models can own their own market territory on high demand.

GoPro Gimbal Comparison – Karma Grip

Here’s a side-by-side view of what the Karma Grip will do for video footage shot on a GoPro. This video compares typical headcam style footage to headcam footage using the Karma Grip. Pretty amazing how stable the picture gets through the gimbal system of the Karma Grip.

Action Module for Edelkrone Slider

Slider effects are always a nice way to push the intensity of a picture or moment. But, slider control can also become quite difficult in setting up the correct shot or handling later footage. I’m personal using a Konovan Slider Kit with a Manfroto mount for DSLR cameras. The Konovan Slider comes in a handy bag and is fine for most kinds of travel. Still, compare to newer slider models it still feels a bit big. Edelkrone launched the SliderPlus last year. A very small and handy Slider solution with an action module for many different recording modes. The slider itself seems a bit short but with the new sliding technology it will get the most out of your shots. The module comes with different settings such as Slide Control, Time Lapse, Stop Motion and Macro Slide. This is a big package in small size and weight.

The only downside of the Slider seems the limitation of use. It works best and only in full lengths if you using it on a tripod. By using it off the tripod directly on a table or floor, it will give you only half of the sliding action.

For most traveling cinematographer the Edelkrone Slider seems to be a home run and best for most shots. Available for approx. 1100 Euro you can get a package with the large size SliderPlus, a Action Module and all needed attachments including a bag.

Here is another video of the SliderPlus.




DS Divine

Some nice cinematography from one of my favorite photographers Laurent Nivalle. Citroen has been showing off a new concept car at the Paris Motor Show called the Citroen Divine DS.  « DIVINE DS is an expression of our expertise. This concept car is the very essence of what DS is and what it will be. A perfect alliance between sophistication and technology. Unveiled just a few weeks after the birth of the brand, DIVINE DS perfectly expresses the unique personality of DS.” Yves Bonnefont, CEO, DS Brand.