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Hi there, I am a graphic- & interactive designer based in Germany. If I'm not behind the screen you will find me on the move. Have fun going through a comprehensive mood about my life.

Into The Mind

Yes! Out now on iTunes and a must see if you like stunning cinematography and groundbreaking storytelling techniques. After “All I can” this is the second movie from Sherpas Cinema. Can’t wait to watch it tonight.

Chevy Street Art

The robotic art car. Nice idea even it’s not totally new. Drawing robot arms are used before and the technique is out since quite a time. But why not take it to the next level and start getting creative. When I saw the video I also read the negative comments of some people. Yes, the idea is not new, it is used for advertisement purpose in this case but so what. It’s still a kind of art, specially the way he does it.