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Hi there, I am a graphic- & interactive designer based in Germany. If I'm not behind the screen you will find me on the move. Have fun going through a comprehensive mood about my life.

16 year old artist

16 year old Shania McDonagh from Ireland wins “Texaco Kunstwettbewerb für Kinder” with a pencil drawing named “Coleman“. The jury said she already counts with such drawing to won of the best artists of her generation.


Another great surf clip by Mickey Smith. The British surf photographer and filmmaker surprised with his first film “The dark side of the lens”. His heavy and moody pictures compared with the same kind of sound makes his signature.

One Genius Video

A brand video totally done by stock footage. No surprise as budgets for video productions are going down. Or there is more focus on moving images from clients. For information about the video stock footage visit <a href=”http://www.dissolve.com/” target=”_blank”>Dissolve Stock Footage</a>