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Hi there, I am a graphic- & interactive designer based in Germany. If I'm not behind the screen you will find me on the move. Have fun going through a comprehensive mood about my life.

Good Summit

Short video (also first time playing with the GoPro in an outdoor environment) and quick edit of my climb at Alpspitze /Austria some weeks ago. The Alpspitze, with it’s 2.628m one of the highest mountains in Germany. Located directly beside the Zugspitze in Garmisch-Partenkirchen it is well known for the fantastic views and nice lead up to the summit. The weather was almost perfect as the sun came out from time to time and clouds opened up. Overall a 6 hours journey by using the mountain railway to get up to Osterfelderkopf (2050m) and from there the Alpspitz-Ferrata to the top. It’s not the hardest climb to do and because of it’s secure set up a good start for “via ferratas“. Still, it has it’s moments as drop downs from a couple of hundred meters are all around. If you want to do it you should be free from giddiness.

Proven Tough

You want to stop a problem? Call Chuck Liddell. You want to stop a car? Get Duralast brakes and have Chuck demonstrate it for you. He can showcase the toughness and power of Duralast brakes in ways you can’t even imagine. // Great idea and well executed clips for Duralast. See Chuck the “IceMan” Liddell as the testimonial for the campaign. The “Iceman“ is a retired American mixed martial artist and former Ultimate Fighting Champion. Great choice for such complex mission.
For information <a href=”http://www.autozone.com/duralast//” target=”_blank”>Duralast Website</a>

Reel Rock Tour 9

Published on 30 Jun 2014
The REEL ROCK Tour is the largest climbing event in the world. Sender Films and Big UP Productions are bringing audiences a mind-blowing, palm-sweating pump-fest of climbing flicks for the 9th annual REEL ROCK Film Tour.

80 years of Bogner

OK, I must admit that I didn’t know much about the Ski and Snowboard Brand Bogner or the long family tradition in alpine sports. I do remember the crazy “Fire & Ice“ film from mid 80th’s which was packed of effects and ski action. What I also didn’t know is, that Willy Bogner directed in 4 James Bond movies the ski and snowboard scenes as not many people had the experience, at that time, to film with cinema quality cameras by high speed of 80km/h. So I found today the interesting documentary about the Bogner family and recommend it to see.