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Nice Slider Tool

Edelkrone stands for high quality photo and video gadgets and holds some cool and handy gadgets in their product portfolio. The Slider Plus is just one of them. For people who try to travel light weight and with small practical equipment this is almost a must have.


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Tired of looking through countless fonts to find the right one, the one which fits best for this one word. Here comes a quick solution, Wordmark. is designed to help with this font selection process by quickly displaying previews of any text with the fonts installed
on your computer.

Check it under –

Parallax At Next Level


Parallax has been used by many websites during the last 3-4 years and exposted over different devices. Here comes the newest trend in web design – the new parallax effect.

This background trend includes elements of plenty of other trends for truly engaging moving elements that draw users in and keep them on the site with great scrolling actions. This new parallax with a twist is the latest craze to fascinate website designers.

The key difference is in the lack of “screens.” The scroll creates a continuous and moving dynamic flow where the background changes color, includes moving animations and elements that move with the screen and other elements move in to and out of the focus area.

Try for yourself and see how cool it is. My favorit example is this fantastic site by San Francisco based interactive agency SFCD.

Click here to get the full experience.

Daughter – Medicine

Nice & strong song by “Daughter”., which is a indie folk band from England and was formed in 2010. The song Medicine was released in 2011 from The Wild Youth EP. Not sure why the video came out now and if it is officially committed to the song, but overall I found the song interesting and thought to share it. Here is a short information what the video is all about.

Zack came to us with the idea of telling a story through dance : A love story that is tangled in addiction. We see the consequences of a lover who is struggling with her partners disease and the person he once was, only to succumb to his demons and dive head first into his addiction. The choreography was created and rehearsed over a period of several days with Tamara, who is known also as the French singer Shy’m rather than a dancer. It was shot in an abandoned warehouse in Paris, formerly used for creating glassware and silverware. All natural lighting, thanks to the clouds and dirty windows 🙂

A family day trip

Lolas grandma Ines had her birthday last Tuesday. Because of the nice weather we decided to do a day trip to Rüdesheim and spend the day around the beautiful countryside. Later on we met some more friends at a town nearby and had a traditional german dinner.

It was a very nice day and felt like a little one day holiday.