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My Academy Award Television Commercial

Here is a fun little behind the scenes documentation from Casey Neistat and the Samsung Oscar commercial. The idea behind the commercial is as simple as nice. Casey Neistat introduces the YouTubers, the community, the creators of YouTube filmmakers to the Oscar audience. To give recognition to the community of individual filmmaker. People with great ideas but shot on no or small budget. People who use most often the camera on their cellphone to create their idea. In this case, a Samsung phone 🙂

Here is the final 60sec. commercial, which was shown during the Oscar event.

Fun things to happen

Here is a nice little Chrome Extension for your browser of choice – Chrome. It’s called “Balloon Earth” and shows, every time you start a new browser window, a new location in current weather condition out of a balloon view. How does this work,? Through combining real time weather data with 3D renderings. Nice little entertaining gadget.

Ford Yates – Outdoor portraits


Some incredible adventure pictures by Photographer Ford Yates.

Ford Yates is a talented 21-year-old self-taught photographer and senior at the University of Oklahoma, from Dallas, Texas, USA. Ford shoots a lot of portrait, landscape, lifestyle and travel photography. “When I wasn’t looking, the love of photography found me through the borrowed lens of my mom’s 1990’s DSLR; it somehow lifted an ordinary weekend hunting trip into a visual adventure,” he says.

I find a strong connection to themes of unrefined outdoor lifestyle, while being from a city of nearly three million.

I recommend follow him on Instagram


The base of our 2 day photo & video shooting – nhow Design Hotel in Berlin. Catching up some missing sleep from the last couple of weeks. 

Looking forward to a fun shoot at Werkloft Studios here in Berlin.


BlackEye Shooting

  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting
  • BlackEye Shooting

Here are some impressions of our latest video shooting for RTT Steinert at Zittau. RTT Steinert is one of the leading companies for optical sorting machines such as their newest invention, the UniSort BlackEye. The BlackEye is a worlds first in the recognition and sorting of black plastics.

Powered By PASSION developed a distinctive and unique look for the launch video of the UniSort BlackEye. The entire video was shot on Red Epic 4K footage with different light systems. Over a two day – day & night – shooting at two different sets we worked our way through the shooting booklet and captured the most powerful perspectives and angles of the machine with a strong focus on the technical sorting part.

The intense pictures been shot by Fritz Butze from Hamburg and later edited by myself. The modern electro beat was composed on the edit by Andy Tex Jones, experienced and most talented Music Composer and DJ.

Treatment/Idea: Christopher Schmidt // Powered by PASSION
Camera/Light: Fritz Butze

Equipment: Red Epic Dragon

Edit: Christopher Schmidt // Powered by PASSION
Post: Christopher Schmidt // Powered by PASSION
Animation: Christopher Schmidt // Powered by PASSION

Music: Andy Tex Jones

Lean back and enjoy the video!

Edelkrone PocketRig

The Edelkrone PocketRig is the World’s lightest most portable DSLR rig that addresses all the needs of a professional videographer. With the minimal effort you will shot stable material from all perspectives. With the price of 249 Euro it is still affordable and for the CNC machined highest grade materials a fair deal.

Wrist Flex

Another very cool idea is the WristFlex.

Always-available wrist-worn gesture recognition. Using an array of force sensitive resistors (FSRs) worn around the wrist, the interface can distinguish subtle finger pinch gestures with high accuracy (>80%) and speed. The system is trained to classify gestures from subtle tendon movements on the wrist

Sensor Tape

How nice is that! Sensor tape seems turning into a product in the near future. SensorTape is modular, it can be cut and joined in an arbitrary order. Ii can get used in a wide playground, such as pose problems (usage in clothes) or for many interactive solutions.

Smile TV

Facial Recognition works improved it’s level of high standard over the previous years. The technology is further developed and works well in complex and light situations. Above is a funny and also interesting project of how interaction can get used. This could get easily used for Comedy Shows, i.e. as long it’s funny the user will see the show/comedian, is he stops laughing the TV takes action and switches programs.

It’s in the detail


Pretty complex project by Squint/Opera for the biomedical research centre in New York. The display wall is build from 2800 mini screens set in a grid pattern behind a panel of thousands of circular acrylic discs – a reference to the lenses used in medical research. 

The dual layer construction makes it possible to read the wall from a distance as a single image, and then, up close, each screen has information about medical discoveries and other news from WCMC’s website. The images and stories will be changing constantly.


Created by Korean collective HYBE, IRIS is a media canvas with matrix of conventional information display technology, that is a monochrome LCD.Through the phased opening and closing of circular black liquid crystal, IRIS can create various patterns and control the amount (size) of passing lights.

IRIS is an interactive medium for visual simplicity which uses the passage of ambient light, not emission of light itself. The installation below consists of 400 LCDs (20Ă—20), 20 Custom-designed Arduino compatible controllers and Processing and Kinect used for both autoactive & interactive content play.


Watch bad doors!


Bad doors are everywhere. Often it can become challenging how to open or use the door in it’s correct way. We all know these doors and start question ourself before we question the door. But, the good news is, it’s not you creating the problem, it’s in most facts the doors fault.

And not only doors can create those usability issues. See how Don Norman, a former Professor of psychology, Professor of cognitive science, Professor of computer science and Vice President of advanced technology at Apple describes the problem. He talks about the principals of Human-Centered-Design, the discoverability and feedback of many daily used things.

Facial Performance Capture

Amazing real time face tracker. That opens some space for funny ideas! The core idea is to enhance a global real-time face tracker, which provides a low-resolution face mesh, with local regressors that add in medium-scale details, such as expression wrinkles. With the software that far developed it is only a matter of time before it’s used in advertisement i.e. ambient or guerilla marketing ideas.


To raise awareness among the general public about the global clean water crisis, the artist Belo created an image composed of 66,000 cups of colored rainwater simulating levels of impurities found in water all over the planet. This major work of 3,600 square feet, representing a fetus in the maternal womb, emphasizes the necessity of water, even before birth, for each living person.

Thread Screen

With seven million followers, Forever 21 has one of the most popular Instagram accounts. When it approached production company Breakfast for a collaboration, the design team knew it had to incorporate the brand’s Instagram engagement. The result was a 2,000 pound “thread screen” that can turn Instagrams into instant mosaics using 6,400 multicolored wooden spools. Watch how spools of thread and photos come together on one giant screen.


Great idea by Julep x Jenn Perng. Postcards that are only complete after you stain it with coffee. Who wants to avoid getting coffee stain rings on his office desk should consider those postcards. After you completed the drawing with your personal morning coffee string you can send it off and pass your thoughts & wishes to a friend.


postcards-that-are-only-complete-after-you-stain-it-with-coffee-6__880 postcards-that-are-only-complete-after-you-stain-it-with-coffee-5__880 postcards-that-are-only-complete-after-you-stain-it-with-coffee-4__880 postcards-that-are-only-complete-after-you-stain-it-with-coffee-3__880 postcards-that-are-only-complete-after-you-stain-it-with-coffee-2__880 postcards-that-are-only-complete-after-you-stain-it-with-coffee-2__880 postcards-that-are-only-complete-after-you-stain-it-with-coffee__880 postcards-that-are-only-complete-after-you-stain-it-with-coffee__880



Following comparison with industries standard, this can be a real life safer!

Hövding is the world’s first airbag for cyclists and is the result of intensive research since 2005. Through advanced sensors, Hövding can sense the cyclist’s movement patterns and will react in case of an accident. The unique airbag will then inflate, fixate your neck and provide the world’s best shock absorption.

With costs around 300 Euro still affordable and compared to a proper motorbike helmet cheap. Even it’s double the cost of a good bicycle helmet but also double the fun of a real bicycle helmet.

This short clip showing some comparison to industries standards of bicycle helmets. It will open and change your mind.

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