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Casey Neistat Music – Mixtape 4

#Discoverthevibes latest Mixtape #4 featuring vlog trackist of Casey Neistat.


Dyalla Swain – Darling 00:00
Ukiyo – Calling 01:12
panthurr – i love you (pt. 2) 03:55
Dyalla Swain – Summer Break 05:55
Maxwell Young – Fall 07:22
maxzwell – We Roll 08:40
Jeff Kaale (X I X X) – Lovely Day 10:32
SAFAKASH – Deep Inside 13:55
Dyalla Swain – Could You 16:09
Jeff Kaale (X I X X) – Sunday Afternoon 18:02
SAFAKASH – Obsession 21:00
Andrew Applepie – Antarctica feat. Redhead Gang 23:02
maxzwell – Never 26:39
Kronicle – Close Your Eyes 26:39

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Casey Neistat –

photography by Elsa Bleda

Happy Congrats to *30.000*

Congratulations to the first 30.000 subscribers – Discoverthevibes.

It’s always a great pleasure drifting through your nicely selected track list’s of chilled, electrokindof50’s, hipp-hopp or break beat influenced modern mixes.

Thank you guys so much for 30,000. the mixtape starts at 01:01, i selected 10 of my favorite tracks that i’ve uploaded on to the channel. It’s so much fun doing this thing, and i’ll keep going, thanks for everything, take care and enjoy. x


Lean back and enjoy 


Me Talking 00:00
ESTA. – Ble$$ed 01:01
Jeff Kaale (X I X X) – Pillow Talk 03:22
Andrew Applepie – Deserts 06:55
Handbook – Get Some 09:58
Future James – lifecouldbeadream 13:07
Mounika. – Am I In This World 15:31
Derlee – Chao For Now 17:29
a.counta – lost world w/ finn 20:45
Element 42 – zzz 23:43
Panthurr – Woof 25:56

photography by Zoé Cavaro

Mounika Mixtape – The Best of Mounika

Another nice beat maker/musician/artist I discovered lately is Mounika. Listen to this great Mixtape, which was carefully put together by Discoverthevibes. Also another recommendation to follow on Youtube. Have fun, here is the TrackList, copied from Discoverthevibes.

Mounika. – I Feel Love 00:00
Mounika. – Del Matino 03:24
Mounika. – One & Two 06:39
Mounika. – Marie Laforet I (Tu Fais Semblant) 09:13
Mounika. – Triste 11:59
Mounika. – Notre Armor 14:20
Mounika. – I Fly Like a Bird 16:54
Mounika. – I Know After Laughter 20:36
Mounika. – Get Up 22:58

Jeff Kaale (X I X X) – cookies

Sadly underestimated, Jeff Kaale deserves more than 113K followers on SoundCloud. It’s hard to name an exact genre this music classifies under, but it feels like kind of smooth 50s, 60s or even some 70s sound mixed with a modern break beat and twist. So let’s go and give him some support on SoundCloud.

Learn to fly

Learn to fly – the wonder from Cesena/Italy. What does it takes to get such big band like the “Foo Fighters” to come to your hometown to play a special concert? It takes one person with a big idea and another 1000 to believe in. It all started with a quick idea by Fabio Zaffagnini, the 39 year old Italian desperately wanted the Foo Fighters for a concert in Cesena/Italy. After working on the plan for more than a year, bringing 1000 musicians together to play “Learn to fly”, the dream became true. The event, “This is Rockin’1000”, and specially the video became such big success, that 26 Mio. clicks on Youtube could not get ignored by the band. After 3 months and before the official start of their European Tour, the band played in Cesena/Italy the opening concert of the tour.