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Above Frankfurt

This weekend we have checked out the roofs of Frankfurt. Different Beach Clubs opened on the top of parkhouses in the last time. As Shy’s suprise birthday party was held in one of them, the Long Island Beach Club, we took the chance today to have a look at the other one above the P&C parkhouse.

After a quick look we came back to the Long Island Beach Club as this one is much nicer and has a great kids playground which Lola prefers a lot. Kristina and Luana came along to spend some time with us.

I must say that both got a great view through the bank towers of “Mainhatten” and it feels quite urban being that high in the air beside a pool.

Happy Eastern


Lisa’s father came over from Sweden to spend some time with us over eastern. We took the chance and went on a road trip to the “Black Forrest” where Lisa and her father lived for a couple of years. To have the entire family together, Lisa’s mum also went down to Schramberg, her hometown, to also spend some time with us and her mother, Lola’s great-grandmother.

I believe we all had a great time and with the beautiful weather we had we did spend most time discovering the nature around Schramberg.

Enjoy looking at the pictures …

The Chinese X-perience

Yesterday, Lola had her first Chinese food experience. Adam invited us for lunch to a very nice traditional and authentic Chinese restaurant in the red light- trainstation area in Frankfurt. I’m still not sure what impressed Lola most, the exotic look of the food or the taste?
Anyway, because of the overall sweet flavor of the food she enjoyed it a lot.

Lisbon 09


Lisbon, what a beautiful pearl at the Atlantic coast of Portugal …

We made our decision last year, around October, when we decided with our German friends from Rome, to give this place a visit. In total we spend 4 days in da city and had the most amazing weather. For British people summer, for Portuguese people the end of the winter season 🙂

Because we took the kids with us, Lola from our side and Marlene the daughter of Ilja and Isabelle, we looked for nice but still affordable place to stay. We found the perfect place in the area of Bairro Alto, which was also recommended from some of my Portuguese friends, as the best place to stay. Lots of nightlife and close to the center. If somebody is interested in the apartment we booked, here is the link WAY TO STAY . I can only recommend this place!!!

Over day we’ve been busy looking at all the nice sights of the town, and the nearby area around the center, like Belem.  Belem is called the historical heart and soul of Portugal, his natural harbor made it the starting point for many voyages of exploration.

Enjoy looking at the pictures …

Happy New Year

New Year 2008 in Hamburg.

Lisa, Lola and myself went to Hamburg to stay with friends over New Year. Through the great weather we had, we spent lot’s of time outside the flat and walked around the city. On the first of January 2009 we took the chance and went into Hagenbecks Tierpark (Zoo), which opened its latest attraction (in 2007) – the Tropical Aquarium with over 14,300 exotic animals!

Hagenbecks Tierpark (Zoo)

All the best for 2009!
After a great night with friends in Hamburg we started the new year with a visit at the zoo in Hamburg. Soon I will upload more pictures.


Lola had her first birthday on the 30.11.08. We had a lot of friends coming for visit to give her hugs, love and amazing presents. Thanks to everybody for this great day.


Wedding in Copenhagen

Here are some photos from Susan’s and Nikolaj’s wedding in Copenhagen. Susan and Nikolaj are friends we met in Rome and Lisa and myself went to their wedding in Copenhagen last month.


It’s been a while that I have posted something on my Blog. Well, we relocated from Italy/Rome back to Frankfurt/Germany and we have been quite busy with different things. I started my new job within an interactive agency named Arc WorldWide in Frankfurt and we had to find a new apartment and had to do some renovation. The usual things people do when they relocate from one place to another. Finally the Telekom connected us to the Internet at home and now I can find some time to start blogging again. First thing I did was changing the Top 5 song list, so check out the new compilation of great music.
Welcome back!

Pantelleria ’08

Last week we followed the invitation of Simon, a friend of ours, and went for a one-week holiday to Pantelleria, an island in the Strait of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea 100 km (62 mi) southwest of Sicily and just 70 km (43 mi) east of the African coast. The island is entirely of volcanic origin, and 117 km/2 (45 mi/2) in area. Hot mineral springs and fumaroles still testify a quiescent volcanic activity. The island is fertile, but lacks fresh water.

Simon’s family owns a beautiful country house nearby the sea where we stayed with some more friends. Throughout the week we had a great mix of relaxation, fun, good food, a lot of sun, diving, sulphur bath with fango treatment and motorboat action. I think everybody enjoyed it a lot and defiantly Lola had great fun with everybody and everything.


Freedom to design

No rules, no borders. I played around with some photos of a weekend trip we did and they turned out as some nice freestyle artwork. I think is worth and good enough to share and at least something for the family album.

artwork 03

Italy’s “Little Tibet”


Here are some images to our trip to the “Gran Sasso d’Italia” which is a mountain located in the Abruzzo region of central Italy . The Gran Sasso is 132 km far awy from Rome. We went up to the plateau of Campo Imperatore (2000 m) and had lunch at a hotel midway on the top of Campo Imperatore. A hotel where the Italian fascist Benito Mussolini was imprisoned from August until September 1943 until he escaped in a Nazi commando operation.

Well, the food was good and the view even better. Later on we went next to L’Aquila the captial of the Abruzzo region.

Mama Weekend


Another nice weekend we had was with Lisa’s mum, who came to Rome to celebrate her birthday and spend some time with her grandchild and for sure to see us. To see something new around Rome we went by car up to Santa Severa, which is a beautiful place with a nice little castle on the seaside.

Poker above Trastevere


This is definitely the most unusual place to play Poker in Rome. Simon, a friend of us, who lives also in Trastevere, invited some friends to play poker by night. Not enough that he owns an amazing roof terrace, he managed to bring a real poker table up to play poker under the night sky of Rome and with view on St. Peter’s Basilica.



To escape from the bad weather we had last weekend, we went into the catacombs close to Rome.

Enjoy looking at the pictures …