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King Of The Family

Lola’s most favorite movie of all times “The King of the Lions” out now in 3D! Family pack 3D glasses, no popcorn, no chips but the movie in German. First time for me after seeing it 22 times in Swedish! Niiiice



Next year I will stop teasing my birthday as much to Lola as I did this year. Maybe I overdid a little.

One and a half weeks after my birthday Lola was still in a birthday mood and wanted to celebrate. No birthday is coming up soon and so we needed a plan B. It’s almost 3 years ago that Lola’s best friend toy “Gogo” was given to her by my father. So, here we are, Gogo is turning 3 years old this Sunday. The only problem, which Gogo is turning 3? As we have so many of them we couldn’t find out which is the original, means the first, the one and only Gogo. As this was getting a bit complicated we decided to take 2 out and have them become twins from now on. They anyway look the same. Said, done. We bought them a nice present on Saturday and made some “Lillifee” muffins for breakfast the next day. Lola enjoyed the birthday celebration a lot and she already plans the next birthday party’s for the rest of her “Gogo” gang. Have fun Lisa ­čÖé

Happy Birthday to me ÔÇŽ

38 Birthday

Thanks again for all the great birthday greetings. I really enjoyed spending the day with Lola, a nice breakfast, and a visit at the Kidz Paradise in Frankfurt. We still don’t know who has more fun in the paradise but we are sure it was a good decision to go. I’m still Lola’s ticket to get in but I’m afraid this will change soon.

The 3 Frames to Fame

[media id=118 width=640 height=360]

Lola did her first commercial/photo shoot last summer (2010) for Europcar. Somehow I missed to see the spot on TV even that it was shown on my most favorite channels, n-tv, N24, DMAX, Sport1 and Eurosport! Anyway, it’s nice to see Lola and Lisa in the spot, even that they picked two gay looking “Spie├čer” at a bar where one pretend to be Lola’s father!

I’m sure they hit the target group with this one.

Christmas time ÔÇŽ

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Here are some impressions of our Christmas 2010. Lola and myself are in Happy Mountain at my parents, where we celebrated Christmas. We had great fun decorating the tree and unpacking presents, meet the family. This is the first year where Lola really gets the action of Christmas and has so much fun with the event. The big surprise was the “Little Shop” she got from my parents with all different kinds of products in the shelf. Now she is selling all day long, means I have to buy all day long!

A happy day


A happy day we had last Saturday when we celebrated Lola’s 3rd birthday with a party at my place. A lot of little kids came around to hang out, play and eat. Lola really enjoyed the day and was very tired in the evening. Lola says again thx’s for all the nice presents and is looking forward to her next year party. Me too …

Happy Birthday

Happy-happy birthday … Lola had her 3rd birthday on the 30th of November, last Tuesday. We moved the real birthday party to this weekend but still had a little party within the family and a friend of ours from Rome, Isabelle with her two kids. Lola and Marlene had great fun playing with Lola’s birthday present, a box full of funny clothes.It was very beautiful day and we are looking forward to get on the battlefield on Saturday.


Lisa, Steffi and Lola did their summer party at the “Gadde” on Sunday. Wolf and myself joined the very nice and relaxing afternoon with some BBQ, drinks and some funny conversations. After some work the girls did to the place it looks really lovely now and is set up for some chilling and quite afternoons during the summer. They all did a great job turning the garden and also the day into a charming atmosphere.

I created a short video of the afternoon and below you can find some more still images of the day. Have fun.

The Bornheim Datcha


Here are some pictures from our last weekend. Lisa found an allotment garden (?) for rent nearby where we live and decided with a friend to take this place to hang out there any time they want. That was basicly what we did over the weekend. We cleaned up the garden a little bit and enjoyed the sun and the little pool. It’s the perfect place to relax and get away from the city, even that it’s┬á in the city.



Three weeks ago we visited the Frankfurter Waeldchestag with Lola and Lisa’s father. We had great fun to jump on different carousel’s with Lola.

Amusement Park Lochm├╝hle


Sunday afternoon with Lisa and Lola at the amusement park “Lochmuehle” in the Taunus.

Lochm├╝hle Amusement Park has been an extraordinary and popular attraction in the Rhine-Main area for over 35 years. Grown to a size of 15 hectars, the park nowadays attracts visitors from all over Germany, but still offers quiet sanctuaries even on busy days. A s a former corn mill and farm the “Lochm├╝hle” chooses to distinguish itself from larger, highly mechanised parks. Instead of having a few big rides with long waiting lines, the park relies on a broad variety in a countryside setting.

Guests can choose from about 150 playing and exercising items, romp along a river┬┤s natural course or on meadows, play with indigenous animals in the petting zoo and even watch baby chicks hatch with a bit of luck. Our offer is rounded off by the possibility to picknick and barbecue in groups of all sizes. Experiencing nature and animals, playing and fooling around, being able to spend time with the family and doing things together: This exciting mix and the possibility of self-development make up a combination appreciated by school classes, kindergardens and families.

Another Saturday Afternoon


Lola and myself went out today for some shopping and ended up in the kids paradise or better kids wonderland. The new “MyZeil” shopping mall holds an amazing kid’s entertainment park, or as they call it the family leisure center “The Vizz”, under the roof of the new building. Fortunately both of us been enough flexible in our planning so that we changed them and stayed for the next 2.5 hours. Later in the afternoon we joined the birthday party from one of Lola’s friends in the Gr├╝neburgpark.

Happy Mountain in July


Lola and myself went on Friday to Happy Mountain, where we visited Lola’s grandparents, my parents, over the weekend. The house remdinded me on the good old times when my brother and I were little. Silas, the son of my brother, stayed also with us until Sunday at the house. Both kids had a lot of fun pointing me out as the clown for the weekend. We get a chance to go into the forest for a little walk to watch and feed the fishes at the fish lake. Lola was happy to see Turka (the dog) and Charly (the cat) back after some weeks. Not sure how the pets felt about it. My feeling is that they have a better and more relaxed time without Lola.

Have fun taking a look at the pictures.

Bright Tradeshow 09


This weekend the BRIGHT Tradeshow opens the doors for the summer event in Frankfurt. The BRIGHT tradeshow has established itself to a constant venue for streetwear, sneaker, fashion and boardsport in Europe. Driving force and link between the different elements is skateboarding, whose influences shaped decisively the image and authentic character of the different segments. As Lisa helped out at the Carhartt store Lola and myself took our chance and went to check it out. We already had been at the winter event and enjoyed it a lot. It’s always nice to go there as the walls are covered with a lot of colors, graffiti and funny clothe. It is a great inspiration and also interesting to look at the newest protfolios of all the big international brands. Just click on the image to see more from the BRIGHT tradeshow.