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Etereas / Animation Shortfilm

Another great piece of animation! A hula hoop floats amidst a stunning location of México city. As it moves, a dancer appears and plays with the hoop. Every movement creates lines, impressive shapes and lights that float in the space as if being drawn to gradually create an impressive sculpture in movement.

World Record Truck Jump

Never thought that’s possible. But in the spirit of pushing boundaries EMC set world records with the Lotus F1 Team and such amazing spot. The official Technical Partner is helping them “Redefine Motorsports” with the power of EMC technology.

Ruhisch Frau Hansen… ruhisch

Tirendo testimonial Sebastian Vettel is not a class on his own when it comes to Formula One racing, he also has some real actor skills. Tirendo is a tire company and one of Vettel’s main sponsors in Formula One. Together with Berlin based agency “DOT Gruppe“ they produced a very funny and well executed viral. DOT Gruppe is specialist on viral marketing. The idea is taken from the original idea of <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Pepsi Max -Test Drive </a> and is nothing new. But for me Pepsi Max Test Drive feels quite aggressive and doesn’t leave such positive feeling behind where the Tirendo viral is fun to watch and doing the opposite.

What would you do?

What would you do if you could have everything? You decide! That’s the message of Vodafone’s latest TV Spot. One of the best Spots I’ve seen since a long time. From the casting over the, as almost always with Vodafone, carefully selected sound, edit and storytelling. Well done and always nice to see!

One Million

As mentioned earlier, French photographer Laurent Nivalle is one of my favorite photographers. I really like his eye on composition, lighting and the expression of his images. For any visual artist it can be quite challenging to take his images any further. Create something more out of them without destroying the expression of the image. Here are some great examples of professional visual design which underlines the natural mood of the photo. For more examples visit <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Laurent Nivalle</a>

Proven Tough

You want to stop a problem? Call Chuck Liddell. You want to stop a car? Get Duralast brakes and have Chuck demonstrate it for you. He can showcase the toughness and power of Duralast brakes in ways you can’t even imagine. // Great idea and well executed clips for Duralast. See Chuck the “IceMan” Liddell as the testimonial for the campaign. The “Iceman“ is a retired American mixed martial artist and former Ultimate Fighting Champion. Great choice for such complex mission.
For information <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Duralast Website</a>

16 year old artist

16 year old Shania McDonagh from Ireland wins “Texaco Kunstwettbewerb für Kinder” with a pencil drawing named “Coleman“. The jury said she already counts with such drawing to won of the best artists of her generation.