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Powered-By-Passion becomes a much bigger meaning by following cave digging artist Ra Paulette into his world. This man spend the last 25 years shaping different caves in absolut perfection – just for the peacefulness and his personal passion. After becoming seen as an artist, he started to take client projects for 12 $ an hour. He does not want to do it for the money. The reward for his work is not in money, he finds his passion and happiness in carving those caves. Amazing work he did with just one purpose in his mind – be happy with what he does.


Second Skin

High-tech clothing leads the next generation of wearables. If you thought that 3D glasses, like the Samsung VR, or Apple watches are big, watch the video above about biomaterials made from living cells.

Initiated from MIT Media Lab, BioLogic is our attempt to program living organism and invent responsive and transformable interfaces of the future. Nature has engineered its own actuators, as well as the efficient material composition, geometry and structure to utilize its actuators and achieve functional transformation. Based on the natural phenomenon of hygromorphic transformation, we introduce a specific type of living cells as nanoactuators that react to body temperature and humidity change. The living nanoactuator can be controlled by electrical signal and communicate with the virtual world as well. A digital printing system and design simulation software are developed to assist the design of transformation structure.




Craftrad no2

Here it comes, the second edition of the CRAFTRAD magazine, a great and well produced magazine about motorbike culture. After the launch of the magazine and a great  first edition, I’m looking forward to the second. Available from the 6st of November at selected stores.

Tinder Takeover


TINDER has reached a total of 25 mio. users in 2015. This makes the platform very interested to marketing departments of companies. Here is a great example of how Amnesty International makes their use of TINDER for communication needs. “Tinder Takeover” has been named the winner of IAB Australia’s Creative Showcase 8.5.

Walkon Typeface

  • Walkon Typeface
  • Walkon Typeface
  • Walkon Typeface
  • Walkon Typeface

Very nice typeface by Hanson Chan from Hong Kong. It’s now available for free, just send Hanson an gently Email and ask. Here is the idea behind the typeface.

“Walk-On” was originally created as a corporate typeface for the Fashion brand Wang & Lynch. It takes its inspiration from the eras of Art Deco and Art Nouveau but with a radically contemporary approach. This retro font boasts simple shapes and reduced ornamental structures, yet still yielding an overall art deco -influenced look and feel. Ideal for headlines, Walk-On can also be utilized for editorial copy due to a vast array of alternate letterforms, numerals, and initials, giving the user multiple options for flexible and exciting text design.


Things work just better in slow-motion. Shot at 1000 frames per second on a Phantom Flex for a commercial project, which sadly was never produced, Creative Director Matt Simmonds shared it later to show what was recorded. And yes, great decision, as this is quite nice.

Urban Hippie

Still one of the best fashion-short movie’s I’ve seen in a long time. With quite a long list of Awards and Short lists the movie received the recognition it deserves.

The fashion-short movie depicts a young girl’s journey to the realms of her deepest imagination. In the first act we experience her feelings of loneliness. She is longing for love, light, the unknown, a world yet to be discovered behind the web that entangles the tender bird of her existence – her desire for freedom is symbolized by the delicate beauty of wings and feathers.


Up for some ballet? Take a look at this. Modern ballet mixed with abstract motion graphics.

FUTURE PROOF is a short film developed for the 2011 A/NZ PromaxBDA Conference. Essentially a labour of love for DMCI creative director Nathan Drabsch, this performance piece continues to be admired throughout the world.

The response to this emotive piece, still amazes us. Since launch FUTURE PROOF has been selected for various film and digital media festivals and showcases throughout the world.


Philips did it again, so the lights are not out yet. After the stunning “Afterglow” snowboard videos they follow this time professional mountain bikers at a ride through the moonscapes of Southern Utah to the Ewok forests of the Pacific Northwest. Amazing filming with unreal light & color effects by Sweetgrass Productions and Swedish creative house Ahlstrand and Wållgren.

Video on iPhone 6s

This is sick. If you would not know you will think thats a huge production video, shot on some Red Camera in high-res. But NO, it’s all taken on an iPhone 6s, which YES, has a 4k camera build in, but you would still not expect such high quality. The Alps, the light & the music help to create some feeling about the quality but still, this is a smartphone camera. Nice edit and stunning work. Can’t wait to get my new iPhone 6s.


Some amazing aerial footage captured in high-res by redpointmovie. Well captured & edited it is amazing to see the quality of material which can be captured by todays drones. It’s a shame that technicals parts like drone system and camera are hidden by the production company.



… but it ended up hitting the mainstream and topping the bestseller listings.

The worlds bestselling custom motorcycle book is back. After the first edition, launched 2 years ago, here comes the second edition “The Ride – 2nd gear”.  Once again, it’s 320 high quality pages jam-packed with the world’s best custom motorcycles, plus profiles of the most exciting builders.

The Ride 2nd Gear is a showcase of power and beauty, highlighting the machines that offer extraordinary design and riding experiences. Featured builders run from Ad Hoc Café Racers to the Young Guns Speed Shop, with illuminati such as Hazan Motorworks, JVB-Moto and Walt Siegl in between.

The Ride 2nd Gear will ship in Europe on 15 September, and in the USA and the rest of the world one month later. Order your copy now via the Gestalten Right Now site. I’m looking forward to receive mine soon. Orderd!

Glemseck 101

Known as one of the largest and most highly regarded motorcycle meet-ups in Europe, Glemseck 101 celebrated its tenth anniversary earlier this month. Its reputation is well-deserved: since 2005, tens of thousands of custom bike builders and enthusiasts have made the pilgrimage to Leonberg, Germany for the three-day-long open air festival in the late summer. United by their passion for the ride, they come from Switzerland, Tokyo, and everywhere in between.

Meet the international custom bike community in our recap video from Glemseck 101 and browse our recent release THE RIDE 2ND GEAR for a further showcase of builders and bikes from around the world.

THE RIDE 2ND GEAR is now available at Gestalten Pavilion, Gestalten Space, and in our online shop. A limited number of Collector’s Editions—which come with a linen slipcase and an original embroidered patch at no added cost—will be available exclusively at starting October 9.

Night shots at Wavegarden

Wavegarden, pioneers in man-made wave technology, recently conducted a series of tests at their headquarters in Northern Spain in order to check how its technology can improve different aspects of the surfing experience. The first of such tests focused on surfing at nighttime, using a state-of-the-art lighting system and featuring the talents of former European surf champion Vincent Duvignac, big wave surfers Natxo Gonzalez and Axi Muniain and Zarautz local surfer Asier Maqueda.



Belstaff Films presents OUTLAWS. A surreal film within a film starring David Beckham as the Stranger – a mysterious drifter and motorcycle stuntman who is hunted by a maniacal Director seeking revenge.

The film features Katherine Waterston, Cathy Moriarty and Harvey Keitel. Shot on location in Mexico, the film is written and directed by Geremy Jasper, produced by Belstaff Films and Legs (a Milk Media Company) and Executive Producer Liv Tyler.

I’m sorry!

An Apology Letter to Future Generations.

That is one of the best things I’ve seen for a long time online. It’s so strong and translate the message into a format which reaches not only our generation but maybe also a younger generation. I felt “Sorry”.