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Facial Reenactment

Face recognition is almost standard for todays digital smartphones or cameras. Scientists from Germany and America developed in collaboration a new software, which does real-time expression transfer of moving faces. It sounds like a normal next step but if you see how brillant it works it reminds a lot of those future Schwarzenegger movies from the late 80’s or early 90’s. As long your mobile or desktop camera does not support 3D, it won’t work. But that is just a matter of time. Camera’s like the motion sensing input device by Microsoft for Xbox 360 would be the right device to use.

Second Skin

High-tech clothing leads the next generation of wearables. If you thought that 3D glasses, like the Samsung VR, or Apple watches are big, watch the video above about biomaterials made from living cells.

Initiated from MIT Media Lab, BioLogic is our attempt to program living organism and invent responsive and transformable interfaces of the future. Nature has engineered its own actuators, as well as the efficient material composition, geometry and structure to utilize its actuators and achieve functional transformation. Based on the natural phenomenon of hygromorphic transformation, we introduce a specific type of living cells as nanoactuators that react to body temperature and humidity change. The living nanoactuator can be controlled by electrical signal and communicate with the virtual world as well. A digital printing system and design simulation software are developed to assist the design of transformation structure.




The Endless Summer

What are the ingredients for a perfect week at the beautiful island of Mallorca?
First of all, the right company. Second, a classic vehicle – VW Camper T2. Third, stunning beaches and solid rocks for climbing. Fourth, a wedding of your best friend. With a one week holiday and the above mentioned ingredients, we traveled along the island, starting north of Alcudia. From the north we found our way south escaping here and there in some rock walls, inland and along the coast. After some days we entered the amazing villa around S’Horta, where the wedding took place.Quite a contrast to our hippie-life before but fully rewarded by the many old friends we met.

A special “Thank’s” goes out to Classic Car Hire Mallorca for the Van and the friendly service //

The Millionaire Pitcher & his van

Even without being offered a $2 million deal to join for a job, I do understand Daniel Norris, the 21-year-old. The well-known pitcher of the Toronto Blue Jays is kind of a celebrity. To escape the pressures that come along with being a promising star, and to get prepared for the 162-games season, Daniel bought “Shaggy”, his VW Camper, for just $10,000 to find a more peaceful and satisfying lifestyle. He takes life on the move and travels with the flow. He believes this is for his needs the best way, as he needs kind of adventures in his life.

After two holiday’s in a classic T3 & T2 VW camper, I know the feeling of being free, self-determined and seeking out for adventures while traveling. Take a look at the video and try to understand or read more about it – Here.

Learn to fly

Learn to fly – the wonder from Cesena/Italy. What does it takes to get such big band like the “Foo Fighters” to come to your hometown to play a special concert? It takes one person with a big idea and another 1000 to believe in. It all started with a quick idea by Fabio Zaffagnini, the 39 year old Italian desperately wanted the Foo Fighters for a concert in Cesena/Italy. After working on the plan for more than a year, bringing 1000 musicians together to play “Learn to fly”, the dream became true. The event, “This is Rockin’1000”, and specially the video became such big success, that 26 Mio. clicks on Youtube could not get ignored by the band. After 3 months and before the official start of their European Tour, the band played in Cesena/Italy the opening concert of the tour.

Chasing shadows

Winter starts here. With more than 66 years of experience and more than 750 known and well-known ski- & snowboard movies, Warren Miller launches his latest ski movie “CHASING SHADOWS”. With each of his films he awakens our child-like excitement about the first snow and practically rings in the official start of the ski season. CHASING SHADOWS shows the world’s best riders—as the name of the film promises—chasing their own shadows in high-speed downhill exhilaration.


So if you want to go even more classic and spend a little bit more money, this is another nice and stylish speedometer, which delivers all needed information straight ahead. This digital multi-purpose instrument comes in a black or silver classic round casing. The black one is technically identical to the motoscope classic (white dial with black indicator), but brandishes a black dial and a white indicator. The design resembles old Smiths brand instruments. I must admit that I would love to get one. Maybe next season when the new wiring harness is installed and everything is set up for such advanced technology.


Home Built

“Son, once you get those training wheels off,” Mark said, “I’ll buy you your first motorcycle.”

A day later, Haven could ride his first bicycle without training wheels. Soon, he was on a motorcycle…at three years old. “I just thought it was so cool that I could go so fast, and everything was a blur, and I got to do it myself,” Haven says. “I was really free, I think I always held on to that.”

All of the signs present in a typical workshop are here: work benches, welding supplies, spare parts, but the warehouse Mark and Haven live in has been the focal point of their relationship and projects. Now a teenager, Haven has been turning heads with his first few custom motorcycles—that he’s made all by himself.


Each year, Nixon organise one of the wildest and remote surf contests on the planet.
Ten of the best European surfers are invited to an unknown surf destination, to battle against their own fears & human limits without the pressures of the public or the press.
An unexpected quest, one where the only enemy is yourself and your best ally is nature, in its rawest, purest form.
In June 2014, the wild terrain of Kamchatka, Russia, was chosen to host this uncommon event.
The Nixon Surf Challenge.


Things work just better in slow-motion. Shot at 1000 frames per second on a Phantom Flex for a commercial project, which sadly was never produced, Creative Director Matt Simmonds shared it later to show what was recorded. And yes, great decision, as this is quite nice.

Urban Hippie

Still one of the best fashion-short movie’s I’ve seen in a long time. With quite a long list of Awards and Short lists the movie received the recognition it deserves.

The fashion-short movie depicts a young girl’s journey to the realms of her deepest imagination. In the first act we experience her feelings of loneliness. She is longing for love, light, the unknown, a world yet to be discovered behind the web that entangles the tender bird of her existence – her desire for freedom is symbolized by the delicate beauty of wings and feathers.


Up for some ballet? Take a look at this. Modern ballet mixed with abstract motion graphics.

FUTURE PROOF is a short film developed for the 2011 A/NZ PromaxBDA Conference. Essentially a labour of love for DMCI creative director Nathan Drabsch, this performance piece continues to be admired throughout the world.

The response to this emotive piece, still amazes us. Since launch FUTURE PROOF has been selected for various film and digital media festivals and showcases throughout the world.


Philips did it again, so the lights are not out yet. After the stunning “Afterglow” snowboard videos they follow this time professional mountain bikers at a ride through the moonscapes of Southern Utah to the Ewok forests of the Pacific Northwest. Amazing filming with unreal light & color effects by Sweetgrass Productions and Swedish creative house Ahlstrand and Wållgren.

Video on iPhone 6s

This is sick. If you would not know you will think thats a huge production video, shot on some Red Camera in high-res. But NO, it’s all taken on an iPhone 6s, which YES, has a 4k camera build in, but you would still not expect such high quality. The Alps, the light & the music help to create some feeling about the quality but still, this is a smartphone camera. Nice edit and stunning work. Can’t wait to get my new iPhone 6s.


Some amazing aerial footage captured in high-res by redpointmovie. Well captured & edited it is amazing to see the quality of material which can be captured by todays drones. It’s a shame that technicals parts like drone system and camera are hidden by the production company.


Introducing the DJI Osmo

You may know DJI through its Phantom series of camera drones, and now the Chinese company is applying many of the same principles to the Osmo camera grip that have popularized its drone products. When working with professional cameras like RED, or action cameras like GoPro, often you’ll need an expensive stabilization rig or stabilization software to to produce the best footage. The DJI Osmo camera grip is basically all of the above, packed in a portable and ergonomic frame. Features include fully stabilized 4K capability, a 12 megapixel camera, tripod-free long exposure snaps, and range of handy mounts to go along. So this is a good alternative to the GoPro G3 Ultra 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer, which was launched in 2014. Well, if you have already a GoPro and want to safe money, this could be the better option. But if you think about buying a Drone, specially the Phantom DJI, go for the above offer.