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Responsive FlipBook


Just found this nice and handy “Flipbook” plugin for wordpress. This plugin comes with a easy to use customization menu and easy to understand video tutorial. If you have many editorial projects i.e. magazines to show, thats maybe a nice way for your online portfolio. I will give it a try and see how it works. Feedback will follow.

If I already convinced you – here you go! With the costs of 34 Euro not in the low cost segment, but hey, it can boost your business.


See this great iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier. What a great idea and nice edit.I must say that some elf the sequences are perfectly captured and stunning.


Looks like there is a new tool to get soon. Image stabilization for After Effects by ReelSteady. Image stabilization become much better since After Effects CC 2015 but still, if you have real shaky footage, it’s still not perfect. Reel steady software for After Effects seems to be a great solution for this. The promo video showcases the results of the software and it looks quite promising.

If you don’t use image stabilization very often it’s maybe fine to stay with the After Effects solution before investing the 399$ for the software. But if you often shoot with GoPros, other handheld cameras or even areal footage, it’s maybe worth looking into and get your Free Trial.



Here is another before and after example by Robert Macintosh.

Stabilized with ReelSteady:

Unstabilized “before” footage:

Artique by Vincent Munier

This is such amazing piece of art. Not matter if still or moving, Photographer Vincent Munier’s work is pure art in perfection. The colours, composition and object melts into one great artwork. The story itself, the adventure and effort how he get to these places would be almost enough to show and tell. Munier seems to like the coldness of the Artic. He likes pulling heavy sleds, walking on skis across hundreds of miles on the territories of the white wolves.

In his book “Artique”, he showcases his best pictures from polar winter expeditions he did, generally alone, from over the past 6 years. His unique pictures carry us along into the white Arctic dessert, a world so different, so remote.

Between Places

Interesting documentary of the outdoor brand Peak Performance about climbing and sailing in Greenland. Often on those expeditions, athletes enter remote territory of unknown land and expectations. Different to many adventures, sailing and climbing in these areas have not been explored much. Artic mountaineering requires dedication into topographical research. Some information taken from the film description.

 From the start of the film, each scene seamlessly echoes back and forth between images of the surreal mountains in Greenland. The climbers are older, wiser and more reflected of their past adventures. Edurne, fresh off her incredible feat of being the first woman to climb all fourteen 8000 meter peaks in the world, tells us of her life story, while Erwan and Martial seek out new first ascents along the coastline, climbing, mountaineering and ski touring. Their story comes to life with archival footage of past hardships and hand drawn animations. Each of the climbers story flow in-and-out of this voyage through the fjords in this magic land.

Citadel Mountain Film Trailer

Promising and stunning new mountain film for 2015 from multi-award winner Alastair Lee and the Posing Productions crew; ‘Citadel’. Featuring hardcore UK alpinists Matt Helliker and Jon Bracey as they attempt the stunning NW ridge of the remote peak ‘The Citadel’ deep in the Neacola range, Alaska. The world’s first mountain film shot entirely in 4k, a stunning visual treat reveals alpine climbing like never before.

Your DNA design

What’s the color of your DNA? The designer Iona Inglesby started Dot One, a startup in 2015, which focuses on clothing and posters created by customers color of their DNA.

The DNA test is similar to a paternity test. Through a customized and specially developed algorithm colors are linked to the DNA code.

It’s a great idea and I believe very special for many customers. But as great the idea is as expensive it is. A poster costs approx. 200 Euro and a scarf around 420 Euro.


The Christmas Story

The christmas story. We all know the famous and so often told story from our childhood. We tell it to our children and they will hopefully tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation. This version of the christmas story, done by Publicis Pixelpark from Hamburg, is a great creative example of how to tell the story in today’s situation. Beside the movie and a webpage, a printed version of the movie can get ordered through Amazon.

Life on the Rails

  • Life on the Rails
  • Life on the Rails
  • Life on the Rails

Train hopping is nothing new and it’s done by people since the first train ride. But lately it increase in popularity and becomes almost a trend by young people. Through Facebook & Co it finds it’s way into the backpacking community. Over a period of 10 years, Mike Brodie, a young 18 year old who escaped from home in 2003, shot documentary style pictures during his train hopping activities through the US. He just releases a book under the title “A Period of Juvenile Prosperity“, which showcases his journey over the years. Train hopping is quite dangerous as jumping on & off a moving train isn’t easy. Many train hoppers get killed over time. Take a look at his website with some of his best shots. It’s defiantly worth it! Jump on now!


This is another great documentary from Vice magazine about the Hobo tradition.

Duet – Do more

Nice App for designers, which turns your iPad into a second screen. Nowadays as a freelance designer work is found in many different offices & locations. To have a second screen at home is nice and within the complexity of most graphic– & multimedia software a must have, but whats happen when working somewhere else?  A quick and handy solution comes with the Duet App. You can easily connect your iPAd via W-Lan or wire to your powerbook and thats it. Built by ex-Apple engineers, Duet delivers a Retina Display at 60 frames per second, with absolutely no lag. Take a look and download it from here – Duet Website

Best of Web 2015

2015 is coming to an end and clips start rolling out with the best of web 2015 footage. I must admit I love those look-backs with scenes of crazy people leaving their comfort zones, stunning tricks & creative ideas. The quality of those look-backs is often a problem as many of the short clips have lack of resolution etc. The above one is not only amazing in terms of content but also in terms of image quality. Have fun watching the full-length 20 min movie.


Most designers or creatives will know the feeling of sitting many endless hours in front of their screens. The feeling in their back when they get up or the next morning after a long night at work. We all wish to have one of the fancy standing/sit desk. A research by British academics found out that standing is same worse for you than sitting. So a standing desk is maybe not the best fix for the problem. But I just came across this nice standing table, made from cardboard table, which is flexible, foldable, portable, affordable & 100% recyclable. It’s a nice idea and I’m sure it’s a great tool to carry around with you to different working spaces. With the costs starting at 250 $, the investment is pretty high and for me only accaptable due to the fact that it can get easily carried around. Other than that I would maybe prefer a stand/sit work station at home. If you are interested in getting one – more information here.

PAgeCloud – The next big thing for a designer?

The world of web design is about to change forever.

This can become a very big platform for designers and smaller agencies. I have been struggling with coding for the last years and still don’t know how to do it right. I feel like back at school in French class when I read through. I do sometimes gain a litte victory, but overall it is more depressing than anything else.

So, with PageCloud there comes a high potential that this can change. This web-based browser platform transforms your custom designs in real-time into full functional websides. No coding necessary. There has been similar platforms out and many still exists but this platform comes with incredibles features, which as not been done before.

Here are just some powerful tools:

  • Straight from Photoshop to the Web
  • Drag and Drop. Actually, though.
  • Turn your browser into a blank canvas.
  • Technology that fades away so your content takes the spotlight
  • The fastest, simplest solution for mobile site creation

The scary thing is, that you can even copy an existing webpage, i.e. Apple site, and paste it into your blank canvas and start editing it from there. Delete elements, ad elements.

PageCloud will come as a platform and be constantly developed further. App stores for plug-ins, templates for sides can only become some of the protential features.

If this all comes real and people – in particular designers – will use the platform, than I don’t doubt that PageCloud has the power to become the next big thing.

It can be the helpful tool a lot of designers I know are looking for. To work independent from programmers and developers. Will it kill my job? Some people might think so. They argue that designs will become standardized and even people with less design skills will get the chance to do better jobs. Competition will rise. Maybe yes, maybe now. This is a new tool and still at the beginning and under construction. I’m sure creatives in the 80’s said the same when Photoshop came out. Computers took over standard processes and changed the industry a lot. This is just a new playing field where design-, art- & conceptional skills are still that important than before. And don’t forget, PageCloud is a supporting tool for code and functionalities, but it doesn’t come with a “Button” for “Creativity”!

The Birdmans

This video from earlier this year shows Yves Rossy & Vince Reffet at their flight above Dubai. A test flight and maybe the springboard for a impressive commercial, where the both Jetmans join forces with Emirates and a A380. This extraordinary formation flight is not only impressive to watch, it deserved also very detailed planning. This video showcases just how far aviation has come. A simple one-page landing page gives more information and the chance to ask questions. The clip creates awareness by the amazing pictures captured and the fact that those two men with their engines look so small compare to the massive A380. But it doesn’t take it any further.

Here is the final Emirates A380 spot #hellojetman



Powered-By-Passion becomes a much bigger meaning by following cave digging artist Ra Paulette into his world. This man spend the last 25 years shaping different caves in absolut perfection – just for the peacefulness and his personal passion. After becoming seen as an artist, he started to take client projects for 12 $ an hour. He does not want to do it for the money. The reward for his work is not in money, he finds his passion and happiness in carving those caves. Amazing work he did with just one purpose in his mind – be happy with what he does.


Phone Drone

Phone drone let you control your phone over a second device (iphone or iPad) or by using the Apple watch. This is a great Kickstarter project, which is already more than funded. With a 100.000 $ goal on Kickstarter and already 265.000 $ earned and 21 days left, this gadget has great potential to land in your hands as you wish.

Here are only some of the powerful features:

  • Easy to use – No drone experience necessary.
  • Affordable -Your smartphone already has a powerful processor and multiple sensors.  Why pay for all those things over again when buying a drone?
  • Familiar – Our companion app is simple and intuitive.
  • Packable– Pack PhoneDrone Ethos for next adventure.  It will be ready at a moment’s notice.
  • Compatible with all your devices – iOS, Android, and even Apple Watch!
  • Control and video streaming -Easily tether to another mobile device for control and video streaming.
  • Built in charger – Charge from any USB source – or swap batteries for extended flight times.
  • A camera mirror – Shoot straight down, forward, or to the side!

With an Apple device compatibility of 4-6s the drone is made for a wide range of customers. With around 230 $ it is quite affordable. Keeping the small dimensions and weight in mind it is really good for traveling. With a flight time of 15-20min it is not much under the known standards. Would be interesting to see how it’s working in windy or less sunny conditions. If it’s stable enough or does it shake a lot. I believe it’s fine for it’s handy use but if you want to capture more professional and stable material, a bigger and stronger drone like DJI Phantom or 3dRobotics Solo is a must have. If you are still interested wait until September 2016, thats the delivery date for Germany. If you are interested take a look at Kickstarter for the Phone Drone